Supplementary English-Only Training Materials
Note: These materials are offered only in English as supplementary examples for a deeper dive into Fiery LLC products.

Resetting a Queue to Defaults

You can reset the Queue Properties to default settings.

Prior to resetting the queue, ensure you won't lose any important changes.

When you're ready, go to Queue > Properties, and in the dialog, click Defaults.

Here's some tips:

  • You can copy and export queues for a back-up.
    Go to Queue > Manage Queues.
  • To reset the values in Color Adjust, you have to reset the Queue Properties.
  • When reset, the Queue Properties default to their original settings as if the queue is newly added.
  • In the CMYK Color Adjustments tab, clicking Reset to Defaults only affects this tab. You can also Reset to Print Mode defaults.