Supplementary English-Only Training Materials
Note: These materials are offered only in English as supplementary examples for a deeper dive into Fiery LLC products.

Tips for OKI WT Lasers

The OKI WT series machines have various internal settings that can be modified to improve output. These tips have been provided by one of our color experts.

Machine Settings:

  • Increasing white toner density: This is done on the printer menu under Calibration/Color Density/White. This can be set to a value between -3 and +3. We have had the best success with +2, but this can vary. Forever Media instructions suggest using +3 for transparent film.
  • Changing the color paper setting: This is done on the printer menu under Menus/Print Adjust/Paper Color Setting. This can be set between -2 and +2. Forever Media instructions suggest +2 and that is what we have used.

In the queue:

There are also various things you can try within the RIP.

Most common issue seems to be "my reds aren't bright/rich/good" enough. Solutions for this are:

  1. Try increasing saturation with color adjust. Start with a small amount.
  2. If brightness is an issue, increase magenta/cyan/yellow in color adjust.
  3. Double-check your heat press settings. These can vary drastically and have a significant impact on the result. Heat presses are notorious for indicating a certain temperature when actually inaccurate. Purchasing a heat pen (small device that can measure temperature) can help. The temperature and time to press varies on the media. Refer to media instructions. Larger images may require longer press times.
  4. The type of parchment paper being used can change results as well.
  5. If the overall image is dull, you can try increasing the coverage underbase. This can help on dark material/black paper. I've heard success stories with the underbase set as high as 280% (it's 200% by default).
  6. Changing the input profiles on the ICC tab may help with color gamut issues. Some blues/teals can be difficult to reproduce. Changing the ICC input profile may help with this.
  7. The Media type setting can have an impact. This can be selected in the Printer Options tab of Queue Properties. Make sure to use the correct media setting - if you have Forever Dark media, make sure you have selected Forever Dark (this can be used for DFX media as well). The media weight can also be changed, and this varies with media manufacturer as well.