Hot Keys and Function Keys

You can view or download the Shortcuts and Hot Keys PDF.

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Hot Keys


Arrow key Nudge selected object by value configured in Nudge Amount dialog in System Preferences.
Shift+Arrow key
Tab Change current focus to next object in sequence
Shift+Tab Change current focus to previous object in sequence
Ctrl+Select tool Move/Draw/Edit/Select on horizontal and vertical axes.


Alt+1 Horizontally align selected objects along left-edge of object bounds
Alt+2 Horizontally center selected objects within object bounds
Alt+3 Horizontally align selected objects along right-edge of object bounds
Alt+4 Vertically align selected objects along top-edge of object bounds
Alt+5 Vertically center selected objects within object bounds
Alt+6 Vertically align selected objects along bottom-edge of object bounds
Alt+7 Center selected objects both horizontally and vertically based on object bounds

File menu

Ctrl+N New workspace
Ctrl+O Open workspace
Ctrl+S Save workspace
Ctrl+P Print workspace objects

Edit menu

Ctrl+Z Undo last command
Ctrl+Y Redo last command
Ctrl+R Repeat last command
Ctrl+X Cut selected object
Ctrl+C Copy selected object
Ctrl+V Paste object
Delete Delete selected object
Ctrl+D Duplicate selected object
Ctrl+T Edit selected text
Ctrl+E Edit selected object
Ctrl+I Edit font of selected text
F3 or Ctrl+A

Select all objects on workspace

In node edit mode, hover the mouse over an object, then press Ctrl+A to select it, or press Ctrl+A and sweep the mouse over objects to select.

Shift+F3 Deselect all objects
Alt+F3 Inverse selection of objects
F4 or Alt+D Refresh workspace display

Layout menu

Alt+K Activate alignment feature
Ctrl+K Apply current alignment dialog settings
Ctrl+G Group selected objects
Alt+G Ungroup selected objects

Arrange menu


Move selected object to the top layer

To front (within layer)


Move selected object to the bottom layer

To back (within layer)


Move selected object up one layer

Forward one step (within layer)


Move selected object down one layer

Backward one step (within layer)

Ctrl+M Reverse layer order of the selected objects
Ctrl+H Create a common path from the selected objects
Ctrl+J Reverse common path previously applied to a group of objects
Alt+B Convert selected text to graphics
Shift+F2 Simplify selected object
Alt+C Clip to top-most object
Alt+U Clear object clipping

Cut menu

Alt+P Activate cut preview
Image menu
Shift+Ctrl+B Cleanup black
Shift+Ctrl+W Cleanup white
Shift+Ctrl+L Make lighter
Shift+Ctrl+D Make darker
Shift+Ctrl+I Increase saturation
Shift+Ctrl+N Blur image
Shift+Ctrl+M Sharpen image

View menu

Alt+S Toggle display of object fills
Alt+M Toggle display of bitmaps
Alt+N Toggle display of line style
Alt+R Toggle display of the ruler
Alt+I Toggle display of InstantReplay

Options menu

Ctrl+W Snap to grid
Alt+W Use guides

Function Keys

Function Keys

Use the table for shortcuts

F1 Help
Shift + F1 Compass

Disable all Shop Palette colors except the current target fill color

To enable or disable all Shop Palette colors except the current target fill color, press Alt and click the color.

To enable or disable a color, press Ctrl and click the color.

Shift + F2 Simplify selected object
F3 Select all objects
Alt + F3 Inverse select
Shift + F3 Select none
F4 Refresh workspace
F5 Activate Zoom In tool
F6 Zoom out
Shift+F6 Zoom in
F7 Zoom to selected object
F8 Zoom to sign blank
F9 Toggle between current and previous zoom levels
F10 Select the menu bar
F11 Pan workspace toward current mouse position