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The following items are located under the View menu.

View Menu

Use the table to configure

Show Plate Enable to view (see Stroke and Fill Tools and 3D Viewer).
Show Fill
Show Bitmap Outlines
Link Show Fill and Bitmap Outlines
Show Tool Diameter
Show Tool Paths
Show Tool Paths Only
Show Rulers
Show Bridges
Show Direction
Show 3D
Show Notes
Show Bitmaps Only
Show Grid
Show Guide Labels
Printer Proofing
  • Show Shop Palette
  • Show Job Palette
  • Show Manufacturer Palette
  • Show Page Palette
  • Small Icons
  • Medium Icons
  • Large Icons

bonus-docBacking Up Fiery LLC Files

  • System
  • Operation
  • Workspace
  • Tools
  • Save Toolbar Profile
  • Load Toolbar Profile
  • Load Default
  • Import
  • Export
  • Customize: Customize a toolbar. The Toolbars dialog appears. Select a toolbar to rename, delete, or customize. Select to use classic, alternative, or color icons.

bonus-docBacking Up Fiery LLC Files

Show InstantReplay

Enable to view (for more information about Instant Replay, see InstantReplay and EngraveLab Interface Elements).


Enhance View: Increase preview resolution quality.

Show Storage Bin
Show Rhinestone Preview
Rhinestone Element Count
Enhance View
Layer Viewer
Re-sort Layer Viewer Re-sorts the Layer Viewer to agree with the order of workspace objects.
Window Position
  • Always Maximize

  • Use Current

  • Last Used