Port Settings

To configure device port settings in FilmMaker:

  1. Go to Queue > Manage Queues.
    The Queue Manager dialog appears.
  2. Click the Port Properties button ().
    The Port Settings dialog appears.
  3. Depending on the port, the dialog displays the required settings. Use the table below to configure ports.

Note: If the port you require is not listed, go to Tools > Options and select Allow selection of Windows ports.

Note: You can configure time-outs, re-tries, and status checks in the Port Settings dialog.

Installation Instructions

Port Settings

Use the following to configure


To use a device accessed across a TCP/IP network, you'll need the IP Address, Protocol, and Port Number. Enter the information in the Remote Printing tab.

Note: If using TCP, it can automatically locate the IP address.

USB For USB port connection, no configuration is needed. Choose the device's USB port from the drop-down list.
COM The COM port is also known as the Serial port (commonly used to send data to a cutter or plotter).

The FILE port sends the output data to a file in the chosen directory. This file can be transferred to another workstation for output to a device.

Note: Ensure you set a name and location.

PDF Output Driver

NULL The NULL port is a test setting. NULL is equivalent to no printer. The data is processed and discarded upon completion.
Enable printer pooling Select multiple different ports.