Supplementary English-Only Training Materials
Note: These materials are offered only in English as supplementary examples for a deeper dive into Fiery LLC products.

Segment and Arc Editing Tools

Segment Edit tool

The Segment Edit tool is used to reshape a section of the contour to fit either a straight line, a corner, or a curve. To define a segment, select the Segment Edit tool. Notice the small, red circle that now follows the contour of the object.

Moving the mouse will also move the circle. Click once to establish the start of a segment. Move the circle to the segment end and then click again. The segment is now defined. Once the segment is defined, holding the right-mouse button will display the Segment Palette.

Choose a Segment Palette tool that will be applied to the current segment. The Segment Palette tools are described in the following sections:


Corner Segment Tool

Fit the segment to a corner. When this tool is selected, three handles appear that allow the corner to be adjusted. Click Apply when adjustments are complete.

Arc Segment Tool

Fit the segment to an arc. When this tool is selected, two handles appear that allow the arc to be adjusted. Click Apply when adjustments are complete.

Line Segment Tool

Fit the segment to a line. When this tool is selected, the segment will be replaced with a straight line.

Guide Line Tool

Create a guide line that intersects the two points.

Trash Can Tool

Delete the segment. If the contour had previously been closed, then it will now be a broken contour.


Segment Adjustment tools

The Segment Adjustment Tools are used to edit polyarc shapes.


Trim tool

The Trim tool reduces the length of a line segment so it intersects another line segment.

Click the Trim tool, click the node on the segment you want to trim and have intersect, and then click a node on the segment that you want the first one to join.

The side of the first segment you clicked is trimmed away at the point of intersection with the second one.

Extend tool

The Extend tool will increase the length of a line segment, such that it will project to intersect another line segment. Note that the projection can be to an "imaginary" intersection point. In the following example, segment B is extended to intersect with segment A.

Click the Extend tool, click segment A, and then click segment B

Segment B will be projected to the imaginary intersection point formed with segment A.

Divide tool

The Divide tool will subdivide a line segment with additional nodes. Click the required line segment, and the Divide Segment dialog will open.

Specify the number of new nodes to insert, and then click the Divide button.

Delete tool

After activating the Delete tool, clicking on nodes or line segments will delete them.

Delete Segment tool

The Delete Segment tool is used to remove part of an object path. When active, a small, red circle will track the object path. Click once to set the segment beginning, and then click a second time to set the segment end. The segment will then be deleted.

Offset Arc tool

For a segment that has been selected using the Segment Edit tool, the Offset Arc tool will create a duplicate segment that is offset by the indicated amount.

If Double offsets are created, then the offsets will be to either side of the original segment.


Arc Edit Tool

The Arc Edit tool is used to create new nodes for an object. For polyarcs, clicking on the workspace will create a Curve node. When working on a polyarc object, two curve nodes will form a segment, and then the cursor may be used to drag the segment to form an arc.

By holding the right-mouse button, the Node Palette can be used to edit the contour.


Join tool

Join two selected nodes, or join the endpoints of a selected contour.

Toggle Rotation tool

Toggle the direction of the selected contour between Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise.

Set Start Point tool

Set the start point at which routing or engraving this contour will begin.

Trash Can tool

Delete the selected nodes.

Break tool

Break the contour at the selected node.

Bézier Curves