Activation Code Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

  • Download a trial version of your software. After installation, you’ll be prompted to enter the activation code and your registration information.

How do I activate or deactivate my product?

  • To activate for the first time on a new computer, start the program, and in the registration dialog, enter the activation code that was emailed to you along with your information (you can find this by going to Help > Register in a trial that is still active).

  • Once the code is active:

    • To activate, open the program and follow the prompts.

    • To deactivate, go to Help > Deactivate Product.

What do I do if I purchase an additional activation code?

  • If you are using multiple computers, and you have decided to purchase an additional license, ensure you enter the new code on the computer you want to use. You must deactivate any existing license on that computer, and when you re-start the program, follow the prompt to enter a new activation code.

What do I do if I have an upgrade code?

  • Go to Help > Upgrade License and enter your upgrade code.

Can I use my product on more than one computer?

  • You can use your activation code on multiple computers, but only one can be active at a time. You must deactivate one before activating the other. Each time you use a new computer, you must enter your information in the registration dialog.

Do I need an Internet connection to stay active?

  • You need to be connected to the Internet to download your application, output device drivers, and available updates. As well, being online allows us to validate your license regularly.

What should I do if I lose my activation code?

  • Please keep your activation code somewhere safe. If lost or stolen, please contact us or your dealer.

Do I need to install any type of security device (“dongle”- USB drive) on computers that I have the software installed on?

  • No, additional hardware is not required.

Do I receive free technical support for my application?

  • Programs are installed with a user guide, Compass. Please contact us for details about technical support policy.