EngraveLab Laser Ruida Edition

Use the following steps to start laser engraving after program installation. Some Vendor Settings and User Settings have correct default presets.
Note: CADlink recommends backing up your .ini and .xml files after configuration (see Backing Up Files).

  1. Launch EngraveLab and ensure your laser is connected.
  2. In the Plate Size dialog, set origin (and end point should be origin) and ensure width and height are set based on the material. (To view the Plate Size dialog again, go to Layout > Plate Size).
  3. Go to Engrave > Engraving Defaults, select the tool and driver and to ensure the object is output with respect to its relative position on the plate, select Sign Plate.
  4. Click Setup.
  5. In the Engraver Setup dialog, in the Port tab and indicate the output port.
  6. In the Engraver Options tab, make any necessary adjustments to the resolution and origin and click Vendor Settings.
  7. Make necessary adjustments to the machine settings by clicking each tab on the left (see Vendor Settings dialog).
    Note: If unsure about settings, contact the device manufacturer.
  8. In the Engraver Setup dialog, click User Settings.
  9. Make any necessary adjustments to the user settings by clicking each tab on the left (see User Settings dialog).

To send machine configs:

  1. Go to Engrave > Engraving Defaults.
  2. Click View Files.
  3. Click Send Config.
    The file is sent to the machine.
  4. Press Start on the machine to get configs for future jobs.

Note: "Config file not found" error appears until settings are approved in the Machine Settings dialog by clicking OK (Engrave > Engraving Defaults > click Setup > Engraver Options tab > click Vendor Settings).

To start a job:

  1. Create shapes on the workspace and assign colors using the Shop Palette (View > Palette > Show Job Palette).
    The Job Colors dialog appears.
  2. Use the Job Colors dialog to edit the output mode for each color.
    Note: If an incorrect Mode is chosen, during output, the Wrong Mode Setting dialog appears with the incorrect setting highlighted.
    Hint: Images use Engrave (Raster) or 3D; plate/contour cut objects use Cut.
  3. To edit a color, double-click the color.
    The Edit Color dialog appears.
  4. When configured, go to Engrave > Output.
  5. In the preview, confirm the position and origin.
  6. When ready to output, on the Cut Toolbox, click Engrave.


Job Colors dialog

Color Select a fill color to associate with engraving parameters. To edit, double-click the color.
Mode Select cut (plate/contour cut objects), hole (drill points), engrave (raster), grade engrave (stamp, where grade width is the shoulder), or 3D.
Speed Use the arrows to control machine speed.
Power Use the arrows to control laser power.
Passes Set the number of passes.
Output Select the check box to enable output.
Material Select a material or add a new one.