Template Setup dialog

The Template Setup dialog is opened from the Queue tab when a new template is added or edited.

Template Setup Dialog

Template properties

Based on sheet Select a sheet to use as a base for the template.
Size If custom sheet is selected, specify sheet size.
This is a book template

Select if you are creating a book.

Duplex Printing in the Queue

Creep Content

Select to creep to ensure content is not lost during trimming.

When creating a saddle-stitched bind, the creep is the shifting position of the page (and content) when folded. The innermost pages extend beyond the outermost pages and require trimming.

Slot configuration

Label Enter label number.


Select to leave scale as is, always scale to fit, or only scale to fit if larger than the template.
Mirroring Select to mirror slot.
Size Enter horizontal and vertical size of slot.
Position Enter horizontal and vertical position on template.
Creep Amount Enter horizontal and vertical creep.
Auto slots placement

If slot positions are not yet defined, click to automatically place slots for best fit.

In the Auto slots placement dialog, select to fill the page, spacing, numbering, and sort priority (by row or column).

Jog all slots Click to move all slots by the same spacing (right, left, up, or down).
Fixed Graphic To select a fixed graphic, select the check box and click to select a graphic.
Scaling Select to leave scale as is, always scale to fit, or only scale to fit if larger than the template.
Arrange Select to arrange graphic to front or back.
Add Custom Cut Pattern

Select a pattern (stored in C:\VPM\ cutpatterns), scaling, and rotation (see Clip Using Slot Cut Pattern).

Note: Scaling and rotation apply to the pattern and are independent from the settings above, which apply to the job in the slot.

Copy selected slot down in position With a slot selected, click to copy the slot (preview pane on the right).
Copy selected slot to the right
Delete selected slot
Move selected slot up
Move selected slot down
Copy slot spacing Enter a value for horizontal and vertical slot spacing.
Use same Select check box to use same spacing vertically.